1. Delegates are invited to submit abstracts for free paper and poster presentations. Six of the best submissions shall be selected for the Best Paper Award Presentations.

2. All presenting authors must register for the Congress.

3. Abstracts will only be accepted after payment of registration fees. If the abstract is subsequently not accepted for presentation, the registration fee will be refunded if cancellation is requested.

4. Abstracts must be in English.

5. The length of each abstract should not be more than 300 words and must be submitted in the template provided (available for download at the bottom of this page).

6. The title (in bold full capitals) should be concise yet bear sufficient details to identify the nature of the study.

7. The name of the main author should be underlined. Institution from which the work originated, city and country should be included. Omit degrees and institutional appointments. The body of the abstract should preferably be organised in the following sequence: Objective(s), Methodology (if pertinent), Results, Discussion and Conclusion(s). Abbreviations, if used, must be included in full at some point in the text. Abbreviate measurements (mm, kcal) as recommended in the Style Manual of Biological Sciences and System International (S.I.) units should be used.

8. Drugs should be given in generic terms (in small letters) at first mention in the text, to be followed by the proprietary name (capitalised) if desired.

9. Abstracts should be saved in Word document format (*.doc) and may not exceed 1mb in filesize. We will be unable to accept the docx format.

10. The closing date is 12th July 2019

11. For abstract enquiries please contact secretariat@msgh.org.my